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• Tired of yelling and arguing with your adult child?
• Frustrated with the financial burden caused by your adult child?
• Ready to recapture the authority you once had in your home?

If you're one of the many parents out there still struggling with an adult child living at home then we may have just the tool you need to survive such an arrangement!

Our "Boomerang Kids Contract" is a pre-written behavior contract specifically designed for parents that are living with one or more adult children in their home. It addresses a variety of issues typically faced by parents with adult children living at home.

Such topics include:

• Financial obligations
• Household rules and responsibilities
• Overnight guests and/or visitors
• Dealing with children and pets
• Use of common resources
• Parking and use of family vehicle
• Employment/Education obligations
...and more!

Implementing and enforcing our "Boomerang Kids Contract" means less household conflict which results in increased family cohesion. After all, there’s no reason why your adult child should be the one running YOUR household! It’s time to be the captain of your ship once again!

Our contract for an adult child living at home will help you to…

Minimize arguments with your child
Establish clear boundaries
Teach responsibility and reliability
Avoid freeloading
Set firm limits for your adult child
Clarify household expectations
Promote accountability

Is it possible to "enjoy" having your adult child living at home?

Of course it is! However, to better enjoy the experience of your adult child living under the same roof, it helps to have certain boundaries and limits in place. Our behavior contract for adult children can help you do this.

Is your adult child turning into a "freeloader" rather than a productive member of the family??

Our "Boomerang Kids Contract" can change that! Simply fill in the blank spaces and/or check the relevant boxes and you're on your way to a better experience.

Some children require very few limits and are highly responsible and respectful without the need for contracts and/or agreements. Other children, however, require more structure, more limits, and more accountability. If your adult child falls into the latter category then the "Boomerang Kids Contract" could be the perfect solution to your problem.

No more "free ride" for your adult child!

"But I can't afford an expensive behavior contract. My adult child is draining me financially!"

No need to worry! Our contracts are highly affordable and cost less than it would cost for you and your adult child to have lunch at a fast food place! Want to learn more? Click here!

Your "Boomerang Kids Contract" will be emailed to you (in Word format) immediately after purchase. This means that you could get started right away! Why wait?


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