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contract for an adult child living at home

This 5-page "Contract for an Adult Child Living at Home" addresses all of the important topics and issues that are likely to come up while your adult child is living at home. 


Covers such topics as: financial obligations, use of common resources, visitors/guests, pets, parking, household rules, chores, etc.


Can be printed and put into use immediately after purchase!  


Behavior Contract for Adult Child Living at Home


    Our company offers a downloadable product which is therefore irrevocable once purchased.  For this reason, we are unable to accept “returns” or to issue refunds except under the following circumstances:

    1.  Product is not as described.  If, for some reason, you feel that the product is “not as described” then please send us a detailed explanation as to why you feel this way and we will use that explanation to either accept or decline your refund request.  Please note:  We feel that our product is described as accurately as possible on our site so please be very specific if contacting us for this reason.

    2.  Product was accidently purchased multiple times (using the same credit card) within 7 days.

    We feel that we offer a quality product at an exceptional price and we take pride in what we have to offer.  While refund requests are very few and far between, we still feel that it is important to notify our customers of our policy regarding returns and refunds.


  • Additional Information:

    If you have not received the automatic email containing your attached download, then please check your SPAM folder to assure that it was not forwarded there by your SPAM filter.  Also, be sure that you typed your email address in correctly on the order form.


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