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Please use the form field to the right to contact us with any comments, questions, or concerns.


Please note that we do not offer discipline-related advice. If you feel that you are in need of additional help then please contact a local therapist or mental health professional.

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Q:  It's been 15 minutes and I still haven't received my download...where is it?

Periodically,our automatic emails (containing the download) get filtered into our customers' SPAM folders.  Please check your SPAM folder to see if it did indeed end up there.  If not, please contact us using the form above and we will resend it as soon as we become aware.  For quicker response, please provide your confirmation number (if possible).

Q:  My adult son/daughter keeps doing the following: (insert negative behavior here)...what should I do?


Unfortunately, we are not able to provide parenting advice and/or therapeutic services on this site.  As much as we'd like to help we must instead suggest that you contact a mental health professional if you feel it is necessary. 

Q:  Do you have a spanish version of the "Contract for an Adult Child Living at Home?"

Unfortunately, we do not have a spanish version at this time (or any other language for that matter).

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