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• Has your adult child recently moved back home (or never left)? 
• Is your adult child taking full advantage of living at home?
• Are you looking for a simple way to set limits and to enforce rules?

The joys of having an adult child living at home can be short-lived if potential issues aren't dealt with before they become more serious.

The decision to allow an adult child to move home is not one that should be taken lightly.  The parents of these adult children risk financial burdens, a lack of privacy, added stress due to arguments, and much more.

Sure, the idea of having "someone around the house to help out" is appealing...but does it usually turn out that way?  Not always!

So, what is a parent to do?

adult daughter living at home

try a behavior contract that establishes the rules and expectations that you have for your adult child!

That's right!  A behavior contract will help to establish the rules, expectations, and conditions that are necessary for your adult child to maintain his or her "privilege" of living in your home.  To put it a bit more blunt:  "Follow this contract or find another place to live."

Address such headache-inducing topics as:

  • Financial Responsibilities

  • Household Chores

  • Substance Use

  • Use of Vehicle/Parking

  • Guests/Visitors

  • Employment/Education Expectations

  • Children/Pets

  • Shared Resources

  • General Behavior

Minimize conflict and restore household harmony with this five-page downloadable behavior agreement.  Once you have printed off this prewritten agreement you need only to fill in the blanks and and your adult child will then be on the path to a better, more improved living arrangement!

This contract for an adult child living at home will not only create a more peaceful living arrangement, but it will teach valuable real-life lessons to your adult child.  He or she will hopefully gain a sense of responsibility and will learn to be accountable when his or her behavior is not meeting expectations.



Download our exclusive “Behavior Contract for an Adult Child Living at Home” for one small payment of only $14.95!



Print as many of these agreements as you need.  If you have two (or more) adult children living at home then print off two (or more) of them!



Simply fill in the banks and check off the conditions/stipulations that apply to your adult child. 



Once your “adult child” contract is completed you need only to enforce the agreed-upon terms.  That’s it!

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Benefits Of Using A Behavior

Contract With Your Adult Child:

  1. Establishes clear expectations

  2. Sets firm boundaries

  3. Promotes responsible behavior

  4. Holds adult child accountable for behavior

  5. Minimizes arguments

  6. Defines family members’ roles

  7. Clarifies household rules

  8. Creates a structured & predictable environment

8 Reasons To Consider 

Trying Our Contract: 

  1. It's simple to use

  2. It's highly affordable

  3. It can be downloaded immediately

  4. It can be personalized 

  5. Can be used with multiple children

  6. Saves time and energy

  7. It's covers everything you need


"I had no idea how difficult it would be to have my adult son living at home...until he actually moved back.  Things were smooth at first but then the issues began to pile up.  I was so frustrated with his disregard for my rules and with his overall lack of effort around the house.  This behavior contract has turned things around!  I'm so glad I found this site!"

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